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Would you like and adventure now or should we have tea first?
L. Carroll

High Priestess

High Priestess it's a drawing an painting collection. It comes from the idea of exploring the archetype of the sacred woman, the goddess and her atributes.
She has been disguised as oracle, witch, heroin and many more that I intend to honor in these creations.


Oniric One

The Oniric One it's a painting and drawing collection. The inspiration comes from random and many places, so this serie allows me to play and explore my surreal world. 



Nymphae it's a drawing collection. It’s an exploration about the relationship between women and nature, each one of them being a metamorphosis with a specific plant. This union exalts the value of beauty that it’s already contained in both of them. 


Guestlist for my Funeral

Guestlist for my funeral it's a drawing and painting collection. It is a tribute to all my dear people, through their portraits my goal is to eternalize them as archetypes. As the collection grows it begins to feel as a tarot deck.