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One of the things I enjoy the most about my work is to connect with people, I have had the opportunity to translate some ideas to images, here are some of the results.

Tanpura mov.jpg

Tanpura player.
Drawing for a music studio in NY.

Panel 3.jpg
Panel 2.jpg
Panel 1.jpg

Crabtree Portrait.
Drawing triptych for a family.

Músico 3.jpg
Músico 1.jpeg
Músico 2.jpg
Músico 4.jpg

Petit collection of musicians.
Set of gifts for music teachers.

Retrato Daniel y Diego.jpg

Procuna Brothers
Fantastic Portrait Commission

Hechiceros de la luz mov.jpg

Wizards of light.
Sonia & Eric are the creators behind Colecciones Candela.

Hechiceros agua.jpg

Interpretation of Dintel 25 from Yaxilan
Special request from a mayan culture lover.

Hepburn mov.jpg

Something about Audrey Hepburn.
Special request for a private collection.


Family portrait.
23 people, one forest.

instagram 12.14.11 PM.jpg

Fantastic animals for a mezcal brand

The girl & the flamingo voids mov.jpg

The Girl & the Flamingo Voids.
Gift from a lovely lover to another.

Halldor mov.jpg

Fantastic animal shelter.
Gift for a caring mother

Dragón del corazón.jpg

Dragon's Heart.
Something for a cardiologist office. 

If you´re interested in a commission please send me a message so we can schedule a zoom meeting to discuss your idea.

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